World Wide Web Revival Project (WWWRP)
NetscapeNavigatorRevival was Founded by WWWRP in 2022. But even before NetscapeNavigatorRevival was created, we we're still up to stuff.
When the World Wide Web Revival Project was founded in 2020, it was started by some random kid on a budget laptop who barely knew anything about coding. 1 month after the project was founded, a proxy with us was made for old computers to access the old web. Although it was programmed in nodejs which made it slow and only around 3/4ths of modern websites worked (now about 90% do).
The website didnt get to much popularity, but I was working on the proxy. Eventually, An Internet Explorer revival was made, but it was shutdown around 6 months after with only around 5k visits since it wasnt very good. Now since I have short-term memory loss, I am unable to remember some details. But in December 2020, I stopped developing for awhile to do research on the old web.
Around March 2021, I returned and updated the proxy. 1 month later I remade it from nodejs to php and that sorta started this project. I remade it to where it loaded 90% of the web compressed, and didnt really update the proxy accept for security since the browser it uses tracks people now.
And in June 2021, Some Modern software was put onto the site to emulate old browsers (like Netscape Navigator 1.0) and then for the next year, I spent time browser basing it
And releasing it. And now we are here. It's gone pretty far..
Now Websites will be added when the release happens. and for beta people go Here For websites